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Strath of Appin Primary School is a modern, single storey school, completed in 1975. It is built to an open-plan design with two main teaching areas. It is well resourced with facilities which include its own kitchen and dining area. The most northerly school in mainland Argyll and Bute, it is only 4 miles from the boundary with Highland Council.

There are currently 25 primary pupils on the school roll.  Our school has 2 mainstream classes P1-P3 (6 pupils) and P4-P7 (6 pupils) and a Gaelic Medium with 13 pupils.  We have 4 teachers (full-time and part-time), one secretary, one catering manager, one kitchen assistant and one janitor. We also have an Early Level and Child Care Centre which operates 5 mornings per week.  At present there are 3 Child Care and Education workers and 7 nursery children.

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Head Teacher:  Miss Marissa Melville

Strath Of Appin Primary School
PA38 4BG

Tel: 01631 730 345

Email: enquiries-strathofappin@argyll-bute.gov.uk

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