Pupil News

The National Autistic Society

£133 was raised for The National Autistic Society when a Primary 7 pupil organised a wet sponge throwing contest!

The National Autistic Society event


P4-P7 pupils got a chance to put their music skills to the test when they gave an energetic "Samba" performance to an audience of pupils and parents.


Rural Inter-schools Athletics Final

Primary 4 and Primary 5 demonstrated excellent teamwork at the Rural Inter-schools Athletics Final.  There were some great individual performances as well and we were delighted that they represented the school so well.

Rural Inter-schools final

Easter masks

Pre school and primary pupils at Strath of Appin Primary show-off their crafty masks. As part of their whole school homework challenge the pupils had to design and make an Easter or spring-themed mask. A wonderful assortment of masks were made and brought in to school where the pupils enjoyed wearing them to their Easter Service at Appin Church.

Burn's Night

Ellis Carmichael and Ken Oxland from the Oban Burns Club, joined staff, pupils and children from the Pre 5 Unit at Strath of Appin Primary School to celebrate Scotland’s national poet, Robert Burns. After a traditional lunch of haggis, neeps and tatties, the guests enjoyed an afternoon of entertainment provided by the children. The children recited poems and sang songs in Scots, including the Shooglie Wooglie!

Troy Story

Well done to the cast of 'Troy Story' for a great performance at the North Lorn Drama Festival.  Prizes included 2nd prize in the Primary section, the Calum Thomson Memorial Trophy for a 'Moment in Theatre' and the Mr & Mrs Hugh Grant Trophy for Costumes, Staging and Props.

Troy Story